Meet The Pals I Ran With 

In the American Humane Association 2012 Hero Dog Awards 

This is Holly, Through The Eyes Of A Service Dog

Holly is an 11 year old Sheltie and she has a lot of wisdom to share. In her 11 years she has accomplished a lot! She is a Seizure Alert Service Dog. Together, she and her mom have graduated college and have traveled America. She is also a retired Agility, Obedience, Rally and Herding dog. 

Holly loves to help different causes. Sheltie Rescue is close to her heart and they do a lot of work for them.  

This is Daniel 'The Beagle' Dwyer

 Through improbable odds, Daniel was still wagging his tail after the gas chamber that he was locked in killed eighteen other dogs. The animal control officer, lacking the heart to make a second attempt, agreed to put Daniel up for adoption. Daniel was quickly spirited to a foster home in Tennessee where he was named after the Biblical survivor of the lion’s den. Next, with the help of Pilots and Paws, New Jersey based Eleventh Hour Rescue brought Daniel to New Jersey where the Dwyer Family of Nutley adopted him into a forever home. Daniel has taken nicely to the fun-loving life of a dog in a house with four other dogs. However, Daniel has also become quite the celebrity with appearances on local, national, and worldwide news outlets, highlighted by an exciting appearance on Anderson Cooper Live. Such renown has brought Daniel the opportunity to make a difference. Daniel’s adorable face and affable personality have made him a hero dog to thousands of his other canine brothers and sisters as he has become an advocate for shelter adoptions and anti-gassing laws in various state legislatures. 

This is Gremlin 

Gremlin is a former Bait Dog bought with her mother by an undercover police officer. She was then evidence in the Cruelty Case in which the scum who abused her and dozens of other dogs were never convicted of anything. Both of Gremlin's back legs had been broken and her vocal chords were ruptured by what my vet said was a the end of a baseball bat. The jam the end down the dogs throat to rupture the vocal chords and after that the dog can no longer make any noise. Gremlin has done so much to bring awareness to the Pit Bull Breed and show people that they are not the monsters that the media portrays them as. She has taken and passed all the therapy dog tests and has become a Certified Therapy Dog through Therapy Dog Inc and visits everyone in Nursing homes and will soon be attending the kids at Rainbow Children's Hospital. Gremlins mission is to bring awareness to Dog Fighting and how the cruelty of humans never cease to amaze us. Please tell all of your friends to like us and help us change the image of the wonderful Pit Bull Breed 

Elle the Pit Bull

I'm a Tail Wagging Therapist, helping kids read with more confidence, providing friendship to people I visit and teaching families about dog safety. I was so proud to be recognized as runner up "Pit Bull of the Year" at

My reading program "Tail Wagging Tales" helps so many children. They look forward to reading to me and I love listening to a good story. Children that have a fear of dogs benefit too because I am very patient and a good teacher. My little friends gain confidence and improve their reading skills!

I also help my 4-legged friends too! I see them every Sunday at our community pack walks and they learn to be well-behaved, just like me. Mutt Struts -creating Canine Good Citizens, networking responsible owners and helping rescues.

Say hi to MWD Chef H067 

Belgian Malinois MWD Chef HO67 is a hero for our heroes! Chef retired at 8.5 years of age from the US Naval Station San Diego. Serving 5 years as Explosives Detect/Patrol dog, Chef is now a Certified Penny's From Heaven Foundation Therapy Dog supporting MWD adoptions. He is a regal ambassador assisting our military and their families find comfort and peace and is an emotional release for times they find difficult to share. Chef is the "ALAMO HONOR FLIGHT MASCOT" flying to Washington DC with 40 WWII veterans as their personal therapy dog. Chef visits VA hospitals, the USO, The Warrior Family Support Center at SAMMC and a therapeutic attendee at Homes for our Troops events. He was Grand Marshall for Puppy UP Walk supporting canine cancer research. 

 Police / Arson dog Lakota

 Lakota served on the police force for 4 years with Officer Fox. Lakota retired with 80 apprehensions, 36 drug arrest,$58,000 in cash, 6 vehicle seizures and property recovery of 56"& 36" flat screen tvs, dvd player, 15 dvds, 3 beers and 350lbs of copper wire. Due to the large amount of medical bills the family has endured donations came in from all over the world. He has become a HERO on the force and off. 

K9 Lakota survived a Horrible car crash on Oct. 3 2011. K9 Lakota and his Handler Officer Fox were in route to a home invasion when Officer Fox lost control of his car. The car split in half on impact and K9 Lakota was thrown from the car. He suffered 3 broken legs and 3 broken ribs and internal bleeding in 4 parts of his abdomen and chest.The first 24 hours were touch and go if he would live. He underwent a 10 hour+ surgery at UGA small animal vet hospital. Prior reports were unsure if one of his back legs would have to be amputated, but the great doctors were able to save it. He still faces many hours of physical therapy and more surgeries but he is enjoying retirement and living with his family. 

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